Health and Safety in numbers

The HSE is running a ‘Helping Great Britain work well’ campaign following the publication of health and safety statistics.

The figures are very encoring although we can do better.

Figures from HSE

……………………………………………………2004/05           2014/15


New cases of ill health                                  545,000           516,000

Fatal injuries                                                   223                  142

Working days lost                                           35.2 million      27.3 million

Cost of new cases of ill health or injury       £17.4 billion     £14.3 billion (2013/14)


We can be proud of the trend but we still need to get it better and to enable this the HSE have identified 6 themes as part of the ‘Helping Great Britain’ campaign:


Acting together – Promoting broader ownership of health and safety in Great Britain

Tacking ill health – Highlighting and tackling the cost of work-related ill health

Managing risk well – Simplifying risk management and helping business to grow

Supporting small employers – Giving SMEs simple advice so that they know what they have to do

Keeping pace with change – Anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges

Sharing our success – Promoting the benefits of Great Britain’s world-class health and safety system


If you would like to be part of the initiative please go to and follow the HSE.