Across British industry the number of slip, trip, and fall accidents that are reported acts as a constant reminder that many workplace accidents are the result of untidiness, and these accidents even exceed the number resulting from dangerous machinery. Similarly, many accidents involving members of the public in shops and other public places result from poor housekeeping.

A responsible approach to housekeeping could help prevent many of those slip and trip accidents that arise from, for example:

  • tripping on items left in or near walkways,
  • slipping on spillages that have not been cleaned up,
  • slipping on floors that are being cleaned,
  • tripping on damaged floor surfaces.

Many of the problems arising from an untidy workplace can be eliminated by an approach to housekeeping that;

  • makes sure tools and equipment are put away after use or returned to their assigned storage location,
  • ensures the safe storage of raw materials and finished goods,
  • includes inspection procedures to spot leaks and spillages so they can be cleaned up,
  • detects damage to flooring surfaces and has them fixed quickly.

Good housekeeping encourages employees to take a pride in their workplace. But it is essential to make sure that every part of the workplace is “owned” – that is has someone responsible for its tidiness.

Remember one of the golden rules of housekeeping:

“A place for everything and everything in its place”

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