No smoke

Q) Can I smoke my e-cigarette at work?

A) Although smoking in the workplace has been banned since July 2007, electronic cigarettes are not covered by the ban. So whilst they could potentially be ‘smoked’ at work, the idea of smoking whilst working now seems alien, and although reportedly they are not harmful to others, that is as yet unproven, so for now, it’s a ’no’ to smoking e-cigarettes inside.

     So do we ask e-smokers to go outside? Well, that too could be wrong, as non-smokers are entitled to a smoke-free environment, and so they shouldn’t be asked to ‘heat their liquid nicotine’ alongside the traditional smokers having a ‘puff’ in the designated smoking area.
     What are e-smokers to do then? Step outside, but to a separate smoking area, and minimise the amount of work time lost in breaks, as should all smokers, and indeed all of us for any reason.

Posted in H&S.