Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 is suitable for any business that wants to improve the way it is operated and managed, regardless of size or sector. quality-assurance

Providing a framework, the ISO 9001 quality management system will enable you to understand your processes for delivering your product or service to your customers. By building in continual improvement, confidence that the product or service will satisfy is increased, resulting in better staff motivation and higher customer satisfaction.

The benefits to a business of being certified to ISO 9001 include:

  • Consistency assured by the use of framework and processes
  • Greater productivity
  • Better competitive advantage
  • Reduced costs by avoiding rework

The process to ensure compliance and/or certification will include:

  • Gap analysis
  • Documentation
  • Identification of KPIs
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Auditing
  • Liaison with third party auditors (Certification Body)
  • Integration with other Standards such as ISO 14001 or BS 18001
  • Training