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KCSIE (2021 - Official Guidance)

KCSIE (2021 - Official Guidance)


Every member of school staff is legally required to read part one of the KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education) Document. It provides statutory guidance for schools and is put together by the Department of Education. We offer an online version of the KCSIE document that allows training administrators to keep tabs on who has and who hasn't read the guidance - an easy way to help work towards compliance with legislation. *Educational institutes can get this for free when they purchase any other training course.



  1. Mandatory reading
  2. for all staff

  3. The management of Safeguarding
  4. Safer recruitment
  5. Dealing with allegations
  6. Sexual violence and harrassment


Time (mins): 65


Approvals / Accreditations: Skills for Care

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